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PC Builder with Part Picker, Compatibility Filters. Build your PC Now!
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PC Builder & Part Picker android

The PC Builder app is a straightforward app that allows you to build a PC. Choose parts such as CPU, GPU, RAM, Motherboard, Power Supply, etc and enable the compatibility filter to make sure that all the parts you’re adding are compatible with each other.

One of the biggest problems when picking PC parts is making sure that they’re compatible with each other. That’s where this app helps, you can simply enable the compatibility filter and pick the parts that are compatible with the parts you’ve added.

The Features

The Most Accurate Compatibility Filter: The compatibility filter checks for compatibility between each and every part that’s added, if there’s any compatibility issue, you can find a note at the end of the build.
Create a build without signing up (YES, NO signup needed!)
Latest & Largest PC Parts Database [Regularly Updated Database]
Save your PC Build. (For registered users)
Shareable PC Build Link: Share the PC you created with a single link.
Create multiple builds: Registered users can create multiple builds (No limits on build creation)
Reliable/Known Vendors only.
PC Part specifications: Every PC part listed or available on the PC Builder has a dedicated specs page where you can check all their technical specifications and even add them to your build/buy them from known vendors like Amazon, BestBuy, Newegg, etc.
Buy all parts in a single click from Amazon.
Completed PC Builds: Check out the builds that were built by other users (if they make them public) and even buy them if you like.

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What parts can you pick?

The main PC Parts that you can add are:

CPU Cooler
Storage (HDD/SSD)
PC Case
Power Supply
Operating System

But the part picking isn’t just limited to the above, you can also add some other parts such as networking components, peripherals, and other PC accessories listed below:

Networking Components: Sound card, Wired Network Adapter, Wireless Network Adapter
Peripherals: Headphones, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Webcam
Other Accessories: Case Fan, Fan controller, Thermal compound, External Storage, Optical Drive, UPS.

So what are you waiting for? Install the app now and build your PC.

Important Disclaimers:

PC-Builder.io is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. It means that if you purchase after clicking our affiliate link, then we’ll earn a commission for that (without you having to pay extra.)

Please do not copy the Amazon product URL from the app to other websites/apps/forums.

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